Cartel Empire

Silver or lead? The choice is yours.

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Start from Nothing

Play in a real-time persistent universe with this Free-to-Play Browser-Based Online RPG. Unlike other games, there are no handouts - it's every player for themselves.

Enjoy the freedom to play on any device, anywhere, anytime without any downloads or advertisements.

Build your Empire

Get a taste of the tough life in this world and work your way up from the bottom alongside other players. Your success will rely on your determination and the relationships you cultivate.

Join forces with fellow players to establish and manage player-run Cartels, recruit your own narcos and put them to work.

Advance your skills and knowledge at the University and become the strongest by spending time in the gym.

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Play over Months, Years, Decades

Experience a persistent, long-term game that can be played over days, weeks, months, and even years with Cartel Empire.

Your actions today will have a lasting impact on the game's world.

Build your reputation and make a name for yourself that will be remembered by all.