Cartel Empire


Produce illegal goods to sell on the Market, send your Sicarios on Expeditions, recruit and train Dogs to aid you, or perhaps create a large player-ran Cartel.

Join over 6,849 other players in this ever-expanding world today!

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Build a Legacy

Join the world of the narcos, from the gritty streets trying to scrape a living doing Intimidations to the dizzying heights of power in your own private Estate. Get a taste of the narco life and work your way up from the bottom alongside 6,849 other ambitious narcos.

Forge unbreakable bonds with your fellow narcos as you unite to establish and lead player-owned Cartels, seizing control of lucrative territories and reaping the rewards of your strategic conquests, or perhaps you want to go it alone and show the world what you can do?

The world is yours for the taking, are you ready to make your mark?

Build an Empire

Build your empire today through many different avenues.

Acquire unique Production buildings to generate merchandise and wealth each day which can be used on the player-ran La Paz Market, or visit Julio's Club where you will recruit fearless Sicarios, arm them to the teeth, and unleash them on Bolivia to acquire untold riches.

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Play over Months, Years, Decades

Cartel Empire is designed to be playable for days, weeks, months, and beyond.

Plot your next moves during lunch breaks or strategise late into the night, you've got the freedom to chase endless possibilities for longterm play. With more added all the time based on your feedback.

Play from any device, any time, without the hassle of downloads or annoying ads. Whether you're at home, on the go, the power to dominate lies firmly in your hands.

Plata or Plomo, you decide.