Cartel Empire is about playing the game your own way, whether that's spending every moment committing crimes, spending time in the Gym to beat down your enemies more efficiently or just building a community of like-minded Narcos by developing a player-ran Cartel.

Below you'll find a list of some of the features in-game, however, we're always developing new features and growing, and we're keen to invite the community to participate in further development, so join up today and post your own ideas in the Forum or on the community Discord to drive future development.

La Paz Town

Visit sunny La Paz Town today!

With a growing cartel-based economy, dark side-streets, the world renowned market and countless casino's, back-alley shops and both licenced and unlicenced gun shops, La Paz has become a tourist hot spot.

Intimidation and Arsons are the bread and butter for low-level Narcos, but gain a bit of experience and you'll soon be taking on robberies, political blackmail and hacking jobs.

An image of the Town interface in game
An image of the Productions interface

Illegal Productions

Recruit narcos by increasing your Reputation and put them to work on the streets or in a variety of Production Facilities.

Produce a range of goods from medical items to a variety of drugs and alcohols which can all be used or sold to others.


Recruit Sicarios from Julios Club in Town, equip them with a large variety of items before sending them on Expeditions to complete Sanctioned Hits, Gang Wars and Kidnappings among much more on your behalf around Bolivia.

An image showing the Team Management tab of the Expeditions feature
An image of Victors Pet Shop, showing a range of dogs

Victors Pet Shop

Visit Victors Pet Shop to acquire an animal companion to aid you in battle.

Pet's come in a variety of rarities and breeds, and can be fed to increase Loyalty and trained to improve their stats.

Take courses at the University to improve your animal handling abilities.

Player Cartels

Cartels allow groups of up to 80 players to band together and fight against other Cartels in Territory Wars, unlocking benefits for all members.

Cartels develop over time to unlock additional rewards for all members.

An image showing the Cartels interface
An image of the various Jobs on offer in Cartel Empire

Criminal Jobs

Starting from the bottom, work your way up the ranks of the Criminal underworld by doing a large variety of jobs.

Intimidation and Arsons are the bread and butter for low-level narcos, but gain a bit of experience and you'll soon be taking on robberies, political blackmail and hacking jobs.

With a new Prestige-system, no Job ever becomes useless, trade in that experience for additional rewards or reduce time on any Job.


Attend San Andréas University today!

Take a variety of courses to unlock special perks or spend some time attending classes to increase your Intelligence, which have an effect on Gym gains and Job success rates.

A dumb narco will never go far.

An image of San Andreas University showing the Intelligence system and course
An image showing a variety of products on offer in the Market.

La Paz Market

An entirely player-ran economy where a majority of items are produced by players and can be sold on the Item Market to others.

Participate in the global market by becomnig the top buyer or seller, or grow your wealth by mugging players.


Purchase a plot, acquire the resources then build your dream home, unlocking a large variety of powerful benefits.

Or specialise in selling and trading Properties to others.

An image of the Estate Agents
Various bits of evidence sit on a table beside a notepad and nearly empty cup of coffee

Royal Palacio Casino

The Royal Palacio is an up-and-coming Casino, currently offering high-stakes Blackjack and the famous Wheel of Fortune!