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January/February Updates


I figured it was about time to start keeping a proper change log, this will be a summary of work done over the past month whether completed or not.


  • Added Donator page
  • Added Inventory and item usage
  • Added item production from production buildings
  • Implemented being hospitalised limiting page access.
  • Added updating status icons
  • Added inventory icons to existing booster items
  • Added events system
  • Implemented donator point refills
  • Implemented donator cooldowns/benefits
  • Reduced information returned by internal job API
  • Enabled compression of public assets
  • Configured zipping of project files to dramatically speed up production release
  • Added favicon
  • Added proper sorting of events and inventory
  • Added chat history limit and reduced data returned by internal chats API.
  • Implemented pagination of results in the events and hospital page
  • Optimised forum thread sorting


  • Fixed production schedule
  • Fixed production page not redirecting on success
  • Fixed hospitat release timer not releasing players
  • Fixed inventory bug that led to multiple items expanding upon click
  • Fixed bug where categories would not appear in forums