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The Revival Update

Morning everyone,

Today (well.. yesterday but we'll not talk about the accidental release) I have released the new Revival mechanic, this is unlocked by completing the "MED1210 - Cut and Stitch: A Whirlwind Tour of the World of Surgery" course in the San Andréas University.

Once unlocked you may spend Energy to revive fallen players, which will in turn grow your Revive Skill. Your skill level will grow quickly to start with meaning that it's not going to take you forever to become a semi-proficient reviver, but reaching 100% skill is likely to be a challenge!

When reviving somebody your skill level directly effects how much Life you restore and the Energy cost of reviving may be reduced via the brand new "Revive Cost" Perk chain found in the Headquarters tab of the Cartel Perks.

For those that have already completed MED1210, the ability to revive players has been unlocked for you this morning, so go forth and health the world! ??