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April Updates


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The list below is a summary of most updates, additions and fixes since the last update post, this is not an exhaustive list. Features appearing in the post below may not necessarily be in their final state and may change in subsequent updates.

So first things first, yes this update post is rather late. I'll backdate the posted date but you're not crazy, I've just been too busy to get around to this.

With that out of the way though let's get on to the bit you all care about. Over the past month we've released the revival system, allowing Cartels and players to specialise into reviving players, this will become more important over time once the system we're just about to mention comes online...

Work started last month on the new Territory War system which will allow Cartels to fight over regions of Bolivia, with prizes up for grabs for the biggest and the baddest Cartels around. The works going very well so far with a functioning territory system and all the basics of a war system now in-place. Next up is developing the bonuses for holding regions.


  • Started creation of admin dashboard to better report rule-breaking
  • Removed several 'banned words' from the filter
  • Added a 'quick ban' button
  • Added Production link on 'More narcos have joined' event
  • Added the ability to 'unequip' a primary dog
  • Hid 'Release' button on primary dogs
  • Slightly improved Action button layouts on profiles
  • Implemented new Trade chat
  • Implemented new icons for each chat
  • Added 'Blocked' status to search
  • Implemented Revive system.
  • Added Cartel perk to reduce reviving costs
  • Changed MED1210 University Course to grant the ability to revive players
  • Added cookie based status messages to profiles
  • Added checks when reviving for player is active and to stop reviving self.
  • Simplified error handling for revives.
  • Unlocked revive ability for those that had already completed MED1210
  • Added Revive Skill to own profile page
  • Implemented chat ban system
  • Removed profanity filter form Cartel chat
  • Rewrote job taking code to optimise and reduce chance of duplicate jobs
  • Rewrote Cartel creation code, now handles duplicate Cartel Names without crashing and outputs useful errors to players.
  • Simplified Cartel creation to single database query to reduce potential issues
  • Cartel search now shows Cartels ordered by Reputation rather than ID
  • Updated all app dependencies
  • Added removal of old activity records job
  • Optimised Productions cron job
  • Made Last Activity show periods between currently active to active within the last day
  • Forum display tweak
  • Optimised energy increasing items
  • Added proper error handling to all 106 player-related functions
  • Optimised granting Donator status
  • Properly paramatarised all player DB queries
  • Aligned each jobs buttons etc to better support variable sized descriptions
  • minor tweak to hover popups of status icons
  • Added logging to item use failure
  • Suggested Cartels list now excludes Cartels which are at max membership

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug casuing duplicate acceptance of Cartel Applications
  • Dogs added to trades by other player are now visible on the Trade window
  • Fix for users buying yesterdays Dogs
  • Fixed Production link on events not leading to Productions page correctly
  • Fix for being unable to accept Cartel applications
  • Fix for chat causing app crash
  • fix for profanity check issue
  • Fixed crash bug caused by auth0
  • Fixed 'supply item missing' message showing [object object]
  • Fixed Max Energy not being reset upon Donator status end in some cases
  • Fixed last Active bug on Productions
  • Fixed issues with get last active, and increase energy
  • Fix for Productions not running
  • Fix for activity records slowing down server
  • Fix for life not regenerating
  • Fixed bug where Drug OD could lead to negative Energy
  • Fixed Donator Packs not being removed on use in some cases
  • Fixed last email sent update
  • Fixed some daily resets not occurring
  • Added additional check on profile links to remove errors in logs
  • Fixed Cartel profiles and announcements not being settable if they contained certain characters
  • Fix for being unable to release dogs that have been traded