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May Updates


The list below is a summary of most updates, additions and fixes since the last update post, this is not an exhaustive list. Features appearing in the post below may not necessarily be in their final state and may change in subsequent updates.

It's been a busy month and we're made some great progress in releasing new systems that the community have requested and have finally released our Subscription model which I hope will mean we can trust in consistently covering server costs etc going ahead. You'll notice the change list below is lighter than usual and that's because a vast majority of the work has been going into our new Territory War system which I'm excited to release in the near future.


  • Added new Subscription model
  • Stopped blocked users from being attackle
  • Chat messages now highlight users with admin/moderator roles
  • Updated all app dependencies
  • Added proper error handling to attack functions
  • Optimised production narco assignments to reduce issues during high load
  • Added Cartel events for Armory usage
  • Added Subscription cancelled webhook to reduce compute resource
  • Reduced Donator/Subscriber chat timer from 10 seconds to 5
  • Redeveloped SQL connections to better utilise Pools

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error message on Armory not appearing correctly
  • Fixed Subscription last paid being incorrect
  • Fixed University Intelligence not being trainable in some cases
  • Fixed Town application crash