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September Updates


The list below is a summary of most updates, additions and fixes since the last update post, this is not an exhaustive list. Features appearing in the post below may not necessarily be in their final state and may change in subsequent updates.

Over the past month I have continued to develop new features, implement bug fixes and quality of life improvements and much more. All thanks to the play testers who have constantly provided feedback.

If you want to join them, registrations are now open! Come and give the game a go!


  • Attacking own Cartel members now grants 0 reputation gain
  • Attack Records in Cartels homepage now show reputation gain.
  • Cartel attacks are now colour-coded to make them easier to read.
  • Highscores have been implemented.
  • Added new Highscores for Networth, Battlestats and Reputation.
  • Submit buttons globally now disable after first submission.
  • Using Inventory items now updates remaining item count upon use. If using last remaining item the row will now disappear upon use.
  • Added new nightly task to update Highscores.
  • Reduced default font size on smaller screens.
  • Added localisation to all Highscore values.
  • Increased content width on mobile devices.
  • Updated the Homepage call-to-action to state 'Signup' rather than 'Notify my upon release'.
  • Updated University, Prison and Jail help box text.
  • Profile Information box will now grow based on content.
  • Chats will now remain open or closed when navigating.
  • Restyled Chat windows to make them clearer against background elements.
  • Increased Global Chat message count to 30.
  • Increased Cartel chat to last 50 messages.
  • Added new Preference settings to show/hide Level Up prompts.
  • Expanded default Mail input heights.
  • Added the ability to reply directly to Mails.
  • Added trade expiration after 6 hours.
  • Added Bank balance to Networth highscores.
  • Implemented 'Winstons Bounties' shop, new Bounty functionality.
  • Renamed 'Shops' to 'Town' to cover the fact it's starting to grow to contain more than just shops.
  • Capped Job XP to 100%
  • Implemented hidden 'Global Job Experience' which benefits success rate of all Jobs.
  • Added new user event when Donator status ends.
  • Rebalanced all Jobs Hospital and Jail times.
  • Reduced players level effect on Hospital and Jail costs.
  • Reduced cost of Hospital and Jail release costs.
  • Implemented new hidden log of players networth contributors and battlestats.
  • Using Medical items will now update Current life and show if released from Hospital without refreshing.
  • Using Donator Packs now shows a custom use message indicating that days have been granted or added.
  • Drinking Alcohols now gives a custom message showing energy gained, total energy and whether you're at maximum energy


  • Fixed bug where Mails failed to send if they included special characters
  • Fixed empty Cartel Applications causing errors
  • Fixed bug where Medical Items couldn't be used in hospital in some cases.
  • Fixed Bandages giving more hospital time reduction than planned.
  • Fixed duplicate Education course completions.
  • Fixed Education course completion not awarding perks correctly in some cases.
  • Removed duplicate Mail sending in some cases.
  • Fixed Mail Outbox showing Sender rather than Recipient.
  • Fixed Forum post submission redirecting to wrong page.
  • Fixed Medical items granting too much medical cooldown in some cases.
  • Fixed bug where Medical Items didn't grant extra Life in some cases.
  • Fixed Life of Attacker and Defender not updating in some cases after attacks.
  • Fixed Perk related issues with attacks, jobs and productions.
  • Fixed bug causing attacks to fail in some cases.
  • Fixed Damage increasing perks multiplying rather than adding extra damage.
  • Fixed minor formatting bug on Draw attack report.
  • Fixed wording error with attack and mug loss events.
  • Fixed a bug related to some Cartel messages going missing in some cases.
  • Fixed Shop buy and sell buttons overlaying chat in some cases.
  • Fixed bug where items wouldn't unequip correctly.
  • Fixed item duplication bug.
  • Fixed Forum Categories disappearing in some cases when not in a Cartel.
  • Fixed Highscores showing hidden stats in some cases momentarily.
  • Fixed bug where productions didn't properly make use of Supply Items.
  • Fixed incorrect production schedule.
  • Fixed inconsistent currency symbol globally.
  • Fixed bug where Donator Packs didn't grant extra Donator days in some cases.
  • Fixed bug where selling a Donator Pack to Mateos shop didn't refresh the page.
  • Fixed bug where shop items weren't buyable in some cases.
  • Fixed bug where required Production Supply Items names were shown as 'undefined'.
  • Fixed minor typo in attack records that stated 'waring' rather than 'warning'
  • Fixed Donator status not expiring.
  • Fixed Hospital cost overflow bug.
  • Fixed Drug Cooldowns not stacking when using the same Drug twice.