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Territory Wars Released

Morning all, I have released the first version of the Territory War system, there are currently only 3 Territories unlocked but more will be unlocked once we know the system is stable and/or as the community grows.

To take part in Territory Wars, navigate to your Cartel page then select 'War HQ'. From here you'll have a view of the available Territories and their current status.

There's a wide array of Territory bonuses available for those that can hold Territories, ranging from passive increases to stats, increased gym gains, supply drops of various types of items, including Alcohol and Production Supplies and even large quantities of Points. You'll also gain Reputation daily for holding Territories! All Territory bonuses tend to come in one of 3 levels, each increasing in the value of the benefits, these are chosen randomly each Sunday and awarded daily.

The entire system will likely require tweaking over time.