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Job Auto-Completion Released


Hey there, fabulous folks!

I hope you're all having a fine day, whether you're scaring grannies out of their wits or embarking on thrilling drug smuggling adventures across the Bolivian border.

I've just unleashed Job Auto-Completion upon the world! Starting today, every 15 minutes (00, 15, 30, 45), any completed Jobs that you haven't clicked 'Finish Job' on will magically complete themselves.

Now, for all you busy folks who can't be glued to your screens, this will hopefully be a decent Quality-of-Life improvement. No more fretting about rushing back to finish a Job only to end up behind bars or in the Hospital the moment you're available. Now, you'll smoothly transition to Jail or Hospital right after the next 15-minute increment, without lifting a finger!

For all of you narco enthusiasts, who love squeezing every second of efficiency out of your operations, you can still relish in the thrill of watching the seconds tick down. You can click 'Finish Job' the instant a Job is done to meticulously schedule your next daring escapade.

So, whether you prefer a hands-off approach or are an adrenaline junkie chasing every bit of efficiency, we've got you covered.