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February/March Updates


I'll start doing these on a schedule at some point in the future but for now since nobody is reading them I'll just keep posting when I feel I've reached a milestone in development or a month or so has passed.


  • Implemented forum thread comment pagination
  • Reduced data returned from internal forum API
  • Simplified logic used in 'My Threads' functionality
  • Implemented own player profile images
  • Implemented public player profiles
  • Implemented standard error pages
  • Moved the Gym from User/Gym to /Gym
  • Standardised button styled through Cartel Empire
  • Implemented customisable profile signatures
  • Implemented medical items
  • Implemented Doctors Office production building
  • Added automatic events for gaining narcos
  • Changed production building item production to operate on bellcurve randomness rather than flat random chance.
  • Added feature to set all events to read.
  • Implemented Cannabis item
  • Changed the standard font to Inter
  • Implemented a 200 energy cap for donators rather than 100.
  • Implemented medical item cooldown
  • Implemented drug item cooldown
  • Implemented perks system
  • Started to balance production buildings, this requires further work though
  • Changed drug effects so that they no longer stack but using does extend timers.
  • Added help text to university and the hospital.
  • Added display of base combat stats and modified combat stats.
  • Capped max damage to enemy players health.
  • Implemented player trade system (items only)


  • Fixed bug where other players profiles showed the players own signature
  • Fixed bug where events and inventory failed when an internal ID limit was reached
  • Fixed bug where events wouldn't set to read if off the current page.
  • Fixed issue with production profit schedule
  • Fixed inventory collapsing/expanding sometimes triggering multiple items to expand/collapse.
  • Fixed bug where the new narco event triggered too often.
  • Fixed medical items giving too much health