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October Release - Happy Halloween!


The list below is a summary of most updates, additions and fixes since the last update post, this is not an exhaustive list. Features appearing in the post below may not necessarily be in their final state and may change in subsequent updates.

Before we get started, I wanted to say a big Happy Halloween to our many narcos! You guys rock and deserve all the sweets this year! Now on to the updates -


  • Implemented new job prestige system
  • Implemented property trading.
  • £ symbols in Bank and Trades are now clickable to set values to max
  • Tainted Cannabis and Cocaine are now sellable to the Drug Den.
  • Removed renewal date on Subscription Status temporarily.
  • Updated "Cartel Bounties" to "Winstons Bounties" or just "Bounties" in several locations.
  • Removed token requirement for splitting in BlackJack.
  • Updated BlackJack rules to clarify players may not double after split.
  • Implemented Mail block if player is on enemies list
  • Added status to friends & enemies list
  • Added the ability to revive directly from the Hospital.
  • Bounties now expire after 14 days
  • Added link to Property in left-hand navigation.
  • Added Hospital, Prison, and Bank to the Town.
  • Added link from Property page to Estate Agent.
  • Removed in-testing warning from Estate Agent.
  • Halved Cocaine OD chance
  • Moved Gym gains to new calculation to remove benefit of training using single Energy each time.
  • Properties now display the plot they're built on
  • Stopped Blackjack doubling after split.
  • Changed all client times to UTC timezone to align with server.
  • Changed Property Study to percentage reduction of course length
  • Paying Upkeep for properties will now take from cashOnHand, or vault or bank as needed.
  • Removed jail release bribe.
  • Added the Baseball Bat to Armed Surplus (missing weapon)
  • Added confirmation to selling plots.
  • Made add friend or enemy on profile clearer.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed typo in reviving text.
  • Fixed University courses resetting Intelligence to 1000 if a higher cap is available
  • Fixed typo in Trade cancellation event
  • Fixed typo on property page
  • Fixed University studying being more efficient when studied 1 energy at at time.
  • Fixed Gym gains being slightly higher when training 1 energy at at time.
  • Fixed Prestige typo
  • Fixed revive chance not being limited to last 6 hours of revives.
  • Fixed Jobs page for new players
  • Fixed Global Job XP gain issue.
  • Fixed upkeep erronously being added to non-lived in properties.
  • Fixed sell property modal showing 'Build' in title
  • Fixed job prestige showing null in some cases
  • Fixed prestiged jobs showing wrong hours in some cases
  • Fixed dog trade issue.
  • Fixed Drug Den title being 'Drug House'.
  • Fixed incorrect heading style of Drug Den Price History graph.