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How to Support Cartel Empire


If you're enjoying Cartel Empire and would like a way to help us spread the word about it and grow the community there are a few ways you can help -

  • Become a Donator or Subscriber - Want a higher Energy cap and a variety of benefits, take a look at the Donator page, all income over and above hosting costs are currently invested back into advertising -
  • Share with your friends to earn rewards - Find your personal referral link in Settings, if somebody signs up directly from the link you'll earn rewards for every 10 levels they achieve, 200 Points and £2.5m.
  • Leave a review on our page - and our page -
  • Follow & Share the Facebook page -
  • Post about us in relevant places such as similar games forums. Please avoid any form of spamming however as that would only be detrimental to us.

Got other ideas that may help me spread the word? Get in touch, I'd love to hear them