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And Diablo said, let there be memes, and there was for a time! Competition Winners!


Well it's been a fun November for myself and hopefully for many of you too. We've now come to the end of Cartel Empires first ever (badly organised) community event and we had an absolute ton of meme's entered into the competition and a lot of laughs along the way. 

If you're keen to see the many entries then be sure to join the Discord and find your way to the memes channel where the chaos unfolded. You may even find an unlikely love story between an electrical spark and a fox unfolding. Or if Discord's not your thing then be sure to follow the official Facebook page where many of the entries will be posted over the coming months.

Now on to the important bit, who won?

The Winners

The winners, all of whom will be receiving £10m (straight to their banks you filthy muggers) and our first meme-competition unique collectibles are 7Lucky7, iejenian, and Egpheel due to the memes below!







The following users will also be receiving £5m each for their participation and for being so close to the top posts in the competition -

Sparklez, RaQaR, Hugeackman, Feral-Fox, Cinyx

Thank you to everybody that participated, it's been great to see so many from the community come together to poke fun at eachother, at me and at the game and hopefully this is something we can do again in future!