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March/April Updates


It's been another very busy month with many bug fixes and new features added. The current major focus is implementing Cartels and all the fun that goes along with that.


  • Added Cash and Point trading to player trades
  • Began implementation of the shops functionality
  • Implemented Mateos Premium Warehouse shop
  • Implemented new Pharmacy shop
  • Began implementation of banking functionality.
  • Implemented savings account in bank
  • Implemented mugging players
  • Implemented forum signatures
  • Implemented Cartel creation, cartel events, cartel membership and cartel member permissions
  • Updated all used packages to the latest release.
  • Templated the help box found on many pages, they can now be expanded rather than being open all the time.
  • Added a new Cartel status symbol
  • Implemented Cartel public profiles and editing of them.
  • Added public Cartel image
  • Implemented Cartel applications and review process
  • Added a new favicon of a skull


  • Fixed trades not being acceptable unless items were added
  • Fixed toplink bars not navigating correctly in some cases
  • Fixed Cartel application for new players
  • Fixed Cartel apply page not loading in some cases for new players
  • Stopped players being able to create multiple cartel applications