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Expeditions - A Sneak Peak


Afternoon all,

Due to the holiday season and the focus on the new Expeditions feature the update log for the past month has been quite light (at least publically). But in the spirit of the season I figured I'd give a little away about what I'm currently working on.

Expeditions will allow you to recruit and train Sicarios, who may be assigned to teams and sent on Expeditions that reward unique items and Cash. Succesfully completing Expeditions also grants your individual Sicarios with XP which can contribute to them levelling up, thereby increasing their stats and your future success chance. Items may also be given to Sicarios to increase their individual stats.

The Expeditions Screen

This screen will allow you to manage Expeditions, assigning Teams and tracking their progress.

Sicarios Screen

The Sicarios screen allows you to assign newly recruited Sicarios to one of 5 Teams, Sicarios may be moved between teams at any point so long as they're not busy on an Expedition.

Team Management Screen

The Team Management Screen is where the real fun happens, from here you can view individual Sicarios and assign them Weapons, Armours, Vehicles and Luxuries to increase their statistics, you can also see how close they are to leveling up. This is also where you may unassign Sicarios from Teams.

Hopefully this provides a tiny bit of insights into the next big feature release.