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February Updates


The list below is a summary of most updates, additions and fixes since the last update post, this is not an exhaustive list. Features appearing in the post below may not necessarily be in their final state and may change in subsequent updates.

Somehow yet another month has passed and we're now in to March already, where does the time go? 

We've seen major improvements across the board when it comes to Cartel Empire, for the first time in the games existence the value of Subscriptions just about outstripped the costs to run the game (at least for a short while but I'll cover that in a moment) and we've seen a spike in daily players from an average of around 230 to a peak of 379 so far.

All these new players signing up in a short space of time did cause a few issues, notably we hit our SendGrid limit which caused problems with email signups and password resets, but that's all behind us now since we've upgraded our SendGrid subscription. We've also done work to bring the authentication portal on to our own domain, so no more of the random domain name when logging in, it's now all sitting under

In other news I'm working away at various projects, including trying to get a bit better at the whole advertising thing, improving our tracking of ads so I can see what works and what doesn't, trying to deploy a Google Play app for those who prefer to play on mobile (you can also download the website as an app, look up 'PWA') , and catching up with the many brilliant suggestions from the entire community.

But without further ado, let's get on with the updates over February.


  • Implemented basic new player missions
  • Dogs now have a chance to maim the opponent.
  • Carlos Construction has been added to Town.
  • Players under New Player protection may now be attacked during Territory Wars.
  • Players may now click the 'Num' button on Ite Market offers to maximise the number.
  • Added a new dark mode background
  • Limited access to Jobs, Expeditions and Market whilst in Jail/Hospital
  • Unlocked additional Territories.
  • Updated Networth highscores to include property values.
  • Added ability to revive from the Cartel page
  • Added visual assistive features to profile Action buttons
  • Additional minor improvement to signups
  • Optimised Cartel members query from 0.3 to 0.05 seconds. Optimised player Jail and Hospital release from 0.2 to 0.045 seconds
  • Minor optimisations to chat code
  • Added Google Play Deeplinks file
  • Updated Cartel Narcos view to improve layout on mobile.
  • Completed University courses are now faded out and have a strikethrough
  • Numerous minor Item Market improvements for mobile.
  • Improved signup process, can also now track ad-related signups
  • Improved gym layout on smaller displays.
  • Updated homepage.
  • Limited Cartel Territory Capacity to 4 temporarily.
  • Improved Cartel perks handling,
  • Updated Armory to use new Drug taking code
  • Added additional validation to Cocaine usage. Optimised drug taking code.
  • Player searches are now only text based and do not automatically redirect to the first matching profile with given userId
  • Added status to public Cartels member lists. Optimised related queries
  • Made Museum upgrade effect clearer
  • Trade Cash & Points fields now show , seperators
  • The 'Pay Upkeep' button on properties is now disabled if there is no Upkeep
  • Team Management Item Assignment panes now properly reset when assigning an item. Panes also reset when navigating between Sicarios.
  • Added rule regarding report system abuse
  • Player profiles now show 'Current Bounty Reward' rather than 'Total Bounty Reward'
  • Private chat windows will no longer appear when a blocked player starts a chat
  • Eagle Cabernet 1992 is now sellable to Mateo
  • Expedition resets will now fail if all Expeditions are currently in progress
  • Added mission complete if player owns a Dog by navigating to Pet Shop
  • Ordered player reports by date reported
  • Updated game rules to include ruling prohibiting profanity in usernames explicitly
  • Added additional rule regarding profanity in usernames.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Cartel member last active
  • Additional minor fix for signups
  • Minor fix for outage
  • temporary fix by disabling email verification
  • Fixed chat bug causing multi-second wait for private chats to load
  • Fixed defence calculation bug.
  • Fixed typo in Professional Gym Room benefit
  • Minor fix for missing next perk description for Cartels.
  • Properly paramatarised attack record creation to fix crash bug
  • Fixed multiple issues with setting Preferred Region
  • Fixed Completing Job not completing rep requirement mission
  • Fixed items not disappearing from Inventory when last item is used
  • Fixed homepage styling
  • Fix for town item buying whilst having another mission causing crash
  • Fixed the selling of a plot selling all plots of the same type
  • Fixed missing 'Rep' text for certain attack records
  • Item Market tax now correctly rounded in all cases
  • Deployed fix for Moderators not appearing in Highscores