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November Updates


The list below is a summary of most updates, additions and fixes since the last update post, this is not an exhaustive list. Features appearing in the post below may not necessarily be in their final state and may change in subsequent updates.

It's been a very busy month personally, since the last updates thread I've got married, travelled to Mexico for several weeks and had the opportunity to visit one of the seven wonders of the world. But somewhere inbetween all this personal growth we've continued to see Cartel Empire grow and more features and bug fixes being rolled out. 

I hope that you're all enjoying playing Cartel Empire as much as I'm enjoying developing it for all of you.


  • Added ability to send items to players from Inventory
  • Claiming Bounties now claims the largest available bounty
  • Added "Attacks Won" and "Cartel Reputation" Highscores.
  • Player profiles now show the total of all Bounties on the player.
  • Stopped Productions being processed if Narco's are not assigned
  • Donator refills are now disabled if already at max Life or Energy.
  • Reduced S&W Magnum Revolver Damage from 85 to 80, Accuracy from 60 to 30 and Clip Size from 8 to 5
  • Large number of changes to damage calculations during attacks.
  • Reduced Intimidation Job Hospital and Jail times, very slightly increased payouts.
  • Added error handling for invalid user profile ID's.
  • Added error handling in inbox and outbox for deleted users.
  • Added pagination to Mail Inbox and Outbox.
  • Changed all links to /Mail to be /Inbox instead
  • Updated all locatilisations to GB.
  • Improved all status messages in Shops.
  • Improved Shop buying and selling so that user is redirected back to shop rather than a form page.
  • Added seperate last message to Attack Reports when attacking own Cartel members.
  • Added message to the top of the Donator Refills box explaining that they may be used only once daily.
  • Added player "Last Activity" column to Cartel members list.
  • Added player "Last Activity" column to Player Search list.
  • Improved layout of top bar on mobile.
  • Implemented redirect on Gym training to stop form entry duplication.
  • Updated Gym Training page to Cookie-based status messages.
  • Added ability for Admins to see all Highscore values.
  • Updated all application dependencies.
  • Improved Target ID verification on placing bounties
  • Closing Bounties now records when the Bounty was closed and who claimed it
  • Added cookie-based status messages to Inventory.
  • Created dynamic name lookup function, can likely be reused to improve search bars etc.
  • Added Total BattleStats to Gym page


  • Fixed Highscores for Cartels not linking to the Cartel correctly.
  • Fixed Cartel Highscores showing 'Player' heading rather than 'Cartel'.
  • Fixed own Cartel not being highlighted on Highscores.
  • Fixed Bounty status icon error message.
  • Fixed players being unable to buy items in Shops in some cases
  • Fixed issue that stopped player selling Drugs.
  • Fixed players receiving 0 reputation for attacks in some cases.
  • Fixed Fight loss reports showing wrong summary messages
  • Fxied Shop buying issues on mobile.
  • Fixed bug where Jobs could be completed by using an existing 'Complete Job' button.
  • Fixed bug on mobile where user link in Item Market lead to error page.
  • Fixed hidden highscore values being visible to non-Cartel members in some cases
  • Fixed Cartel Perk upgrade event showing 'undefined' name.
  • Fixed Productions with no assigned Narco's still using supply items.
  • Fixed Attacker Strength vs Target Defence being miscalculated during attacks.
  • Fixed issue where armour damage mitigation was incorrectly calculated.
  • Removed potential item equipping/unequipping duplication bug.
  • Fixed new chat messages user links being malformed.
  • Fixed own Cartel Forum showing 0 entries.
  • Fixed Forum "New Threads" and "My Threads" showing non-visible posts
  • Fixed potential crash on Bounty placing checks