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Production Changes and Economy Rebalance


Morning all,
I wanted to highlight some recent changes that have gone live this morning, these changes have been implemented to fix an oversupply of Cocaine for those with Cocaine Factories and to generate additional Cash instead so that players are better able to start buying and selling without having to so often resort to bartering. Part of the change has also been a rebalance of Expeditions and the Drug Den -

  • Reduced max items per Cocaine Factory production to 8, down from 10. (Creating an effective max item count of 22 with 4 factories and taking reduced effectiveness into account)
  • Have a custom efficiency rate for Cocaine Factories so that players get most of the benefit from the first Factory (the first factory produces up to 8 items, the second produces 6).
  • Increased base profit per Cocaine Factory from £220,000 to £800,000 (should make it profitable on payout alone to buy Production Supplies, easier to max out your production, would max out just below £2.2m at 4 factories)
  • Increased base cost per Cocaine Factory from £19,800,000 to £21,000,000 (Makes little change initially but makes subsequent Factories more expensive than currently)
  • Increased chance of Tainted Cocaine from 10% to 20% (Effectively spreading where is nerfed, you'd average 2 Tainted Cocaine and 9 Cocaine at max factories)
  • Increased Supply requirements per Factory from 30 to 35 (Stimulate the Production Supply market slightly)
  • Manually set current Drug Den Cocaine pricing to buy all drugs and production supplies at 90% of current market value (Gives more avenues for players to generate Cash if they want to, but still makes the Item Market the best place to sell)
  • Increased first 5 Expedition region cash payouts by 10%.
  • Drug Den prices are now based on actual value from players buying and selling, and will adjust over time to get closer to the actual market value.

These changes hopefully go some way to ensuring a healthy economy going forward and allow for extra cash to be generated which I can develop new fun features to sap from your accounts again. 😂😈


For those who like stats, here's a breakdown of roughly what the change means for those with Cocaine Factories -