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April/May Updates


Unfortunately Covid hit for a week and a bit but I'm back and the games been coming along very well. Cartels have been a real focus over the past month with many of the core systems beginning to be fleshed out.


  • Cartels now gain reputation when members fight and win
  • Rewrote the entire chat feature so that multiple chats are possible
  • Implemented a Cartel chat
  • Removed unused packages to speed up the game
  • Added player and Cartel profile image size checks and automated resizing
  • Created a new attack record system
  • Implemented jobs being able to aware items
  • Simplified job routes
  • Implemented private Cartel forums
  • Implemented Jail system
  • Tweaked jail and hospital early release costs so that they're now based on - time left + level + number of releases in same day
  • Implemented production buildings requiring supply items
  • Added 'Agave Storehouse Robbery' and 'Coca Paste Robbery' jobs
  • Added fair fight multiplier to rep gain on attacks
  • Added various stats to the attack record page
  • Added view of Cartel members attacks on Cartel page.
  • Added page to view the last 250 Cartel-related attacks.
  • Simplified Cartel permissions
  • Implemented Cartel perks system
  • Added checks on Cartel application to ensure that the reviewer has permission to review applications and that the Cartel isn't full
  • Reimplemented perks systems into a single unified feature
  • Reimplemented drug use system to utilise perks.
  • Enforced email validation before being able to play
  • Added the following Cartel perks -
    • Increase Strength passively
    • Increase Agility passively
    • Increase Defence passively
    • Increase Accuracy passively
    • Cartel Capacity upgrades
    • Production Profit increases


  • Fixed attack reputation not being awarded
  • Fixed missing charset declaration in meta tag
  • Fixed all accessibility issues identified by browser devtools.
  • Fixed forum signature editor missing in settings
  • Fixed bug where forum posts would not show in some cases
  • Fixed being unable to remove Cartel permissions in some cases
  • Fixed 'Back to Cartel' button missdirecting in some cases
  • Fixed production jobs not running correctly
  • Fixed multiple cash not rounding issues