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May/June Updates


The list below is a summary of all updates, additions and fixes since the last update post. Features appearing in the post below may not necessarily be in their final state and may change in subsequent updates.

It's been a busy month! In future I'll be aiming to get these out ideally on the first Monday of each month going ahead but we'll see what happens.


  • Implemented drug overdose effects - Strong debuffs randomly triggered by using drugs in-game.
  • Added unique backgrounds when in jail or hospital.
  • Brand new design for the homepage
  • Added Privacy Policy page.
  • Implemented new stylised logo.
  • Implemented new player search functionality.
  • Implemented Cartel search.
  • Implemented new top-bar that is properly mobile friendly.
  • Full review of all database requests to remove potential SQL Injection.
  • Simplified Job system to allow it to be more easily extended in future.
  • Seperated out authentication code to make it easier to maintain.
  • Implemented proper email verification upon signup.
  • Implemented proper removal of Donator Status at end of term.
  • Added current Cartel to players profiles.
  • Seperated out player perks into it's own system to make it more easily extensible.
  • Added ability to equip and unequip weapons and armours.
  • Stopped equipped items from being sellable or tradeable.
  • Implemented weapon and armour effects.
  • Implemented logs of attacks and defends, viewable by other players
  • Implemented a new weapons shop.
  • Implemented being able to buy items from shops.
  • Implemented daily limit of buyable items from shops.
  • Added ability to view extended information about items in shops.
  • Implemented a large number of Assault Rifles and LMG's as primary weapons.
  • Implemented 5 new secondary pistols.
  • Implemented several new armours.
  • Updated all dependencies to latest releases.
  • Began implementation of Unversity Courses.
  • Added ability to end courses early.
  • Added new status icon when in education course.
  • Added ability to be notified when the game releases
  • Added various perks gained from completed educations.
  • Life and Energy will now update instantly upon using an item.
  • Implemented the following courses with various perks -
    • Medical Degree Course
    • Combat Course
    • Business Management
  • Completely refactored Cartel perks so that they work in the same manner as education perks, simplifying future development
  • Added the ability to view update posts from the homepage.


  • Fixed hospital time bug
  • Fixed CORS warning caused by Auth0.
  • Fixed bug when searching for player by ID
  • Fixed bug where new player couldn't access forums.
  • Fixed bug where forum posts defaulted to admin-only responses.
  • Fixed bug where non-Cartel players could access a testing Cartel subforum.
  • Fixed bug where some events were never set to read.
  • Fixed bug where players could force re-use daily refills.
  • Fixed bug where Xanax had a 100% chance of side-effects.
  • Fixed bug where fair fight modifier wasn't rounding properly.
  • Fixed bug that allowed attacking and mugging when shouldn't be possible.
  • Fixed bug where a fight could end with no result.
  • Fixed a bug where shop keepers could accuse you of wasting their time.
  • Fixed bug where wrong educational prerequisites were displayed.