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June Updates


The list below is a summary of all updates, additions and fixes since the last update post. Features appearing in the post below may not necessarily be in their final state and may change in subsequent updates.

It's been a month primarily focussed on bug fixes, working on responsive layouts for pages and minor tweaks to systems. One brand new addition is the player-ran Item Market which will allow for players to buy and sell their goods on a global market with other players.

There's light at the end of the tunnel for an initial testing version being out soon.


  • Added Cartel perks that increase Gym gains.
  • Added Cartel perk that increases job success chance.
  • Added Cartel perk that increases job profit.
  • Added new 'Updates' page to the public site so that these updates are visible.
  • Added new Sitemap.
  • Rebalanced all jobs.
  • Added new 'Transport Drugs' job.
  • Reduced Intelligence gain.
  • Added the ability to disband a Cartel.
  • Updated events page to use properly responsive layout rather than table.
  • Implemented a player-ran Item Market.
  • Implemented buying and selling of all items and points on the Item market.
  • Implemented removing offers from the Item market.
  • Implemented a very basic Rules page.
  • Improved the various countdowns found for next Energy increase etc.
  • Converted most images to .webP format, reducing average size by 80%, this has dramatically sped up page load times.
  • Added aria-labels to all buttons with unclear meanings for those using screen-readers.
  • Added the ability to throw away items.
  • Added rep, cash and points display in mobile view.
  • Improved inventory page layout on mobile.
  • Improved layout of the Jobs page on mobile.
  • Improved layout of the University page on mobile.
  • Changed the Jail icon to be clearer.
  • Standardised all shops buying and selling interfaces to a single template.
  • Improved layout of all shops on mobile.
  • Simplified Jail and Hospital internal logic, standardised output messages.
  • Forum signatures will now update on all existing posts when signature is changed.
  • Improved layout of the forum on mobile.
  • Updated all packages to the latest version.
  • Improved Item Market layout on mobile.
  • Improved layout of the gym on mobile.
  • Cash on hand will now abbreviate to 100k, 1M, 1B etc on mobile.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where In-progress education course did not display in some cases.
  • Removed manually calculated unique ID's for most records, removing possibility of duplicate ID's.
  • Fixed race-condition when creating event records.
  • Replaced shops help box with standard template.
  • Fixed broken menu button ob mobile devices on the homepage.
  • Fixed the 'hover' effect on status icons on mobile.
  • Stopped the chats tabs overlaying page content in some cases.
  • Fixed the bank and jail being accessible when in hospital.
  • Fixed bug where hospitalisation time was incorrectly calculated.
  • Fixed medical items not reducing hospital time in some cases.
  • Fixed bug where the Cartel forum was innacessible in some cases.
  • Fixed issue where several buttons appeared over the chat window on mobile.
  • Fixed bug where the background image did not stretch correctly in some cases on mobile.
  • Fixed bug where item market offers were not buyable in some cases.