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July Updates


The list below is a summary of all updates, additions and fixes since the last update post. Features appearing in the post below may not necessarily be in their final state and may change in subsequent updates.

The past month has been interesting, the site had an outage lasting a week or so due to some issues with my Azure instance which microsoft managed to resolve fairly quickly. Some lessons have been learned though and all going well this should never happen again now. Otherwise work continues on the move to using an SQL database rather than CosmosDB, this has already allowed for a large number of improvements to be made, partly because of the database and partly as a result of reviewing some of the oldest bits of code.


  • Increased weapon accuracy importance
  • Added the ability to level up on mobile and desktop from the player homepage
  • Improved Cartels homepage layout on mobile
  • Improved donator page on mobile
  • Added validation for clean input in Cartel applications.
  • Implemented player mail system
  • Improved Cartel permission handling.
  • Migrated to new Azure tenant.
  • Improved trading interface.


  • Fixed bug where chat was reversed
  • Fixed bug where player K/D was wrong in some cases
  • Fixed bug where a player would show as unaffiliated in some cases
  • Fixed Cartel application process
  • Fixed status icon after SQL move
  • Fixed Cartel dismissing
  • Improved item equipping process
  • Fixed Cartel name in Cartel pages being blank

SQL Migration Completed

All of the areas marked below have been completely moved to SQL and have no dependencies on CosmosDB, in many cases this means simply translating how they retrieve information form the database but in others I have reviewed all of the code and made improvements where possible.

  • Player model
  • Chat model
  • Cartels model
  • AttackRecords model
  • Item model
  • Mail model
  • Inventory model
  • Jobs model
  • Events model
  • CartelEvents model
  • Market model
  • Trading model

SQL Migration Completed

The areas below are yet to be reviewed and migrated to SQL

  • Forums
  • Donator areas