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February Updates


The list below is a summary of most updates, additions and fixes since the last update post, this is not an exhaustive list. Features appearing in the post below may not necessarily be in their final state and may change in subsequent updates.

January was a hectic month to say the least and as a result Cartel Empire development went of a bit of a hiatus, I'm sure many of our players have been sick of the excuses but it's now coming to an end and I fully expect to be able to refocus my efforts on Cartel Empire in the near future. Now that I've got the excuses out of the way let's list what I've been working on -


  • Added Social media share buttons on public update posts
  • Redesigned Forum Threads for more modern look
  • Implemented additional logging for Bank withdrawals and deposits
  • Added thousands seperator for bank deposits and withdrawals.
  • Optimised trades
  • Implemented forum thread editing
  • Limited 'Existing Trades' view to the past 10 closed trades
  • Optimised Productions scheduled task to reduce chance of timeouts

Bug Fixes

  • Disabled Blackjack buttons after first press to reduce duplicate calls
  • Fixed potential exploit that allowed a player to accept and then complete a trade
  • Fixed styling bug causing authors names to be pushed to the right on forums
  • Fixed accepting trades causing crashes in some cases
  • Fixed incorrect Blackjack payouts
  • Fixed University courses overlaying chats
  • Fixed Blackjack taking cash then producing error due to lack of tokens
  • Fixed wrong Last Activity shown on users profiles
  • Fixed Dog training showing 0.00 loyalty gained when feeding or training